Burley Storage Units

How We Set Ourselves Apart

There are several ways we distinguish ourselves as preferred self-storage in Burley. Our staff is highly attentive and dedicated to excellent customer service. We make the process of renting storage from us easy and enjoyable, bringing superior support with small town charm. Our storage units and facility are clean and well-managed, and our contracts are based on a month-to-month basis so you can rent a storage only as long as you need.

Common Reasons Burley Residents Rent Our Storage Units

There are several reasons people need our Burley self-storage. Here are the most common reasons why we recommend our storage units for you:

  1. Recent Moves to Burley:
    Anyone moving to the Burley area for work or because of family often need storage space when they first arrive. This is usually because of a lack general living and storage space in smaller homes or apartments or because a home isn’t quite ready for move in yet. If you or your family have too many appliances, pieces of furniture, or other boxed belonging during your move, our storage units can help.
  2. Leaving Burley:
    Families or individuals leaving the Burley area often need storage for many different reasons. Many people will leave Burley but not have enough space in their new residence for all of their belongings. It can also be difficult to find reliable storage units outside the city. Consider our storage units if you need storage space while you move from the town.
  3. Recreational Storage:
    There are many recreational sports people around Burley enjoy. Fishing gear, ATVs, kayaks, backpacking, and snowmobiling are all common types of popular recreation. Many people will store their recreational vehicles and supplies in our Burley self-storage to reduce the amount of space they take in garages or sheds and to protect them against the weather.
  4. Death:
    When a loved one passes away, many families often deal with the stress and burden of many different aspects. Families who lose a loved on in Burley will often use our storage units to keep the loved one’s possessions until the family members are able to sort through it on their own time table.
  5. Divorce:
    When couples in Burley divorce, they often turn to our self-storage facility to protect their possessions. If your family dynamic is changing, you have Burley storage units at your disposal for any of your space needs.
  6. Job Loss:
    When families lose a job, they often require our Burley self-storage to help them until they get back on their feet, move to a different location for work, or downsize their current living space.

Benefits of Renting Burley Self-Storage

There are several benefits to renting our Burley storage units. Included in these benefits are drive-up access, flexible hours, and easy payment options. We offer several different sizes of units with varying prices to meet your budget and varying needs, and our staff works with you to find the best storage unit to suit your personal situation. If you are moving, we provide boxes and other moving supplies which we offer all onsite. We also provide manageable storage space for Burley’s local businesses, allowing them to store anything from extra papers and documents to trailer beds for parade floats.


1236 E Main St, Burley, ID 83318